What does meditation have to due to with mental health?

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that when I first heard about meditation, I was not super interested.  Like a lot of people, I didn't see the point of sitting around doing nothing.  I mean, why would I want to be sitting around just thinking?  How would this help anything?

After taking a mindfulness meditation class, I finally understood why this could be helpful.  After a few weeks of meditating, i noticed my thoughts slowed down. I also became more aware of my body sensations and my thought patterns. I realized this was pretty powerful stuff.

I’m a therapist, so why am I talking about meditation?  Well, there is an increasingly large research base showing that regular meditation actually helps improve anxiety and depression, among other mental health and physical health conditions.  Western science is catching up with what eastern traditions have known for hundreds of years.  This is why I integrate mindfulness and meditation into my counseling, if the person I am working with is interested.

If you’re new to mediation and want to give it a try, stay tuned!  In the next few weeks, I will be posting a free guided meditation for you to try.  Feel free to use and share if you like!