Mindful by the Sea...

For me, it’s easy to be mindful by the sea.

A few weeks ago, I went to Ocean Shores. I took my shoes off to put my feet in the water. In that moment, it was easy to be mindful.  I felt the cool water flow over my feet and toes. I felt the brisk wind against my skin. I heard the gentle crashing of water upon the shore.  My senses were entranced by the beauty around me and it was easy to be present. My mind was still.

I do not find it easy necessarily to be mindful in my everyday life. My mind loves to plan and live in the future. I purposely have to devote time to be still and really notice what is right in front of me.  

Learning to be mindful in our hectic, everyday lives takes practice. I will be recording some simple mindfulness exercises (breathing, meditations, and more!) to help you take a few minutes out of your day and be present.  Stay tuned!