A picture of a dandelion, representing freedom from anxiety and stress


The people I work with are those who care deeply about those around them and are sometimes in helping professions. You might be a caretakers or listener for your friends and family. You’re the one people go to when they need support.  While there is great beauty in the caring my clients show others, their own needs tend to gets pushed aside.

Not feeling like your own needs are getting met and that most of your energy is being expended caring for others can be draining. It can lead to burnout at work, feeling tired all the time, or physical symptoms like headaches or stomaches. Many of clients struggle with worry, anxiety or stress.

What can anxiety and stress look like?

  • difficulty relaxing

  • worry that won’t go away

  • muscle tension

  • trouble with sleeping

  • feeling afraid something bad will happen

I feel lucky to get to support such caring clients. After working together, my clients tell me they love that they have a toolbox of ways to manage their anxiety or stress.  My clients tell me that they have a better understanding of their owns needs and how to communicate them to others in their lives. Organically my clients often realize they need to make some life changes and feel empowered to do so.

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