Seeking out counseling is a brave step towards wellness.  Often mental health struggles keep us from being fully present in our lives.  Anxiety tends to keep our mind focusing on the “what ifs” and the worst case scenarios. Big life transitions can throw even the most even keeled person off kilter.  Body image and food concerns tends to focus our worth only on our appearance rather than all our wonderful attributes.  

The good news?  Life doesn’t have to be like this.  My passion is helping people live full, meaningful lives.  I work with people to see their struggles from a new perspective, fully engage in their lives, and gain a toolbox of coping skills to use well beyond their time in counseling. I feel honored to help facilitate this process and see the amazing changes that occur in my clients’ lives.

Who do I work with?

I work with adult (age 18+) men and women.  

What are my areas of interest?

Struggle with body image and relationship with food: For some people, there comes a time when they realize they have been putting a ton of time and energy in trying to look a certain way, particularly trying to achieve a particular weight.  This can manifest as chronic diet or analyzing every morsel of food that enters their mouth.  Over time despite changes and fluctuations with weight, the satisfaction with appearance and self does not improve.  I enjoy working with people to help heal the relationship with their body and increase freedom with food.  

Anxiety - This is when someone has persistent worry that is hard to shake.  This can manifest in panic attacks (short periods of intense fear, often with many physical symptoms) or daily nagging worries that won’t leave them alone.  My clients who struggle with anxiety often find it difficult to relax or unwind.

Life Transitions -I often work with new transplants to the greater Seattle area.  Moving to a new city, getting used to a new job, and building a new support network can be exhausting. I also work with my clients on other life transitions such as divorce or becoming a parent.  I help my clients find healthy ways to cope their big life transitions.  

How do I help?

I provide mental health counseling in a pragmatic and collaborative way.  I believe you know your life best, so we will work together to come up with a plan that best suits your needs.  I provide a nice mix of processing and talking through what is going on in your life, while also bringing in practice tools and skills.  After working with me, you'll come away with a toolbox of coping and wellness activities that work for you.   I use cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness skills, acceptance and commitment therapy to help my clients reach their goals.

How do I get started?

I am accepting new clients for Saturday meetings.  Contact me to set up an appointment.