Looking for support is not easy.  Something in your life isn’t how you would like it.  You decided you could benefit from talking to a mental health professional.  

I’m here to help.

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Jane and I’m passionate about helping people look within and live fully.  Ever since I could remember, I’ve thought human behavior was fascinating. The fact that our minds can do what they do is still amazing to me.  I’ve always been a listener by nature and was the one my friends went to for advice.

I turned my interest in understanding and helping others into my career.  I studied psychology at Washington University in St. Louis for my undergraduate education.  After this I moved to Seattle to serve as a full time volunteer with Americorps.  Next I earned a master’s degree in social work from Columbia University School of Social Work in New York.

After graduate school, I moved back to Seattle, where I’ve been ever since.  I’ve worked in community mental health centers and primary care settings for 7 years. I am a licensed independent clinical social worker (license number LW60329300).  I am also an approved supervisor for social workers working towards licensure.

Outside of my work life, I  enjoy taking advantage of the beautiful pacific northwest by biking and hiking.  Photography is an interest of mine as well.  In fact, all of the photography on my website is original.  In my spare time I hang out with my family and two cats, Charlie and Patti.